What is Parakeet

Parakeet is a fresh, simple, and innovative method to learning music. With the use of colour it helps make the learning process fun and easy

It has given me a whole new hope

The Players

Meet the multi-disciplined ground of creatives behind Parakeet

How Does It Work

The Parakeet system brings music alive with colour and makes it much easier to learn and play. It's a short cut to success and accessible to everyone.

  • Being able to Play straight away made me want to Play more

    Lorraine, Age 25
  • It's easier to think of a note in color, than what line or space it is on

    Amy, Age 6, U.S.
  • By pressing the colours you were making chords so you didn't have to think about which chords you were playing

    Laura, Age 23


A range of colourful Instruments, Instrument Enhancers, Apps and more!

The Parakeet Whistle

The Parakeet colour-coded Whistle uses the Parakeet system to bring music alive with colour and makes it much easier to learn and play. A perfect path to a range of wind instruments including Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and more.

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Parakeet Piano

It's so simple that even if you've never played the piano before, you'll be able to sit down and play a Parakeet tune for your friends in no time. Just follow the easy steps and see for yourself.

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drag and drop
Drag & Drop App

Designed to teach you how to read and play music through games. Part of the Sound and Vision workshop Phase 1 [Level 1] enhances and encourages the learning process. Music Simplified!

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tap play
Tap & Play App

You are now ready to Play! With Sound and Vision Phase 2 [Level 2] for mobile devices... You decide the tune. A short cut to success and accessible to everyone!

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talking whistle
The Talking Whistle

Our Sound and Vision technology connects your Parakeet instruments to your mobile devices. Parakeet's fun mobile apps make it possible to learn and play on the go. You and your friends can create your very own mobile Band.

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Ian Shearer

Ian Shearer

Executive Chairman

Ian has a broad range of both operational and advisory experience principally in the technology industry. He has both founded and run a number of software companies bringing them to a successful exit and was founder of Irelands first software as a service company [LeCayla technologies] which he successfully sold to op source inc.

He is currently non executive director at Siren Solutions World leaders in the search end of Big data and also serves on the advisory board of several European companies. Ian is also Director of Atlanta International ltd which is an International Mergers and Acquisitions House focused on the technology industry that have offices in a number of countries which gives excellent access to many of the large international corporate acquirers.

Vinnie Kilduff

Vinnie Kilduff

Creator - Founder

Over the past three decades from U2 to Sinead O'Connor, The Waterboys to Clannad the name Vinnie Kilduff has long been subtly synonymous with the cutting edge of contemporary Irish music. (born August 10, 1960) is a Grammy award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, primarily known for his work with U2, The Waterboys, Clannad and Sinead O'Connor. He plays tin whistle, Uilleann Pipes, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Harmonica, Bodhran and Flute. He is described as one of Ireland's best known contemporary tin whistle players.

U2: In 1981 Vinnie was asked by U2 to play uilleann pipes and bodhran on their album October and to guest with them at their concert in Slane Castle that year. In 1983 Vinnie rejoined U2 for promotional tour of the album War. In 2009 the U2 song "Tomorrow" with Vinnie playing the uilleann pipes was featured in It Might Get Loud, the Davis Guggenheim documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.

The Waterboys: In 1988 Vinnie was invited to join the Waterboys for the recording of their Fisherman's Blues album. Vinnie played guitar and uilleann pipes as well as co-producing several tracks on the album. Vinnie continued to tour with the Waterboys between 1988 and 1990.

Clannad: In 1990 Vinnie joined Clannad for the recording of their album Anam. He continued to record and tour with the band throughout the 1990s. He featured on their 1996 album Lore, the 1998 Landmarks which received the 1999 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album and their 2005 release Live in Concert.

Sinead O'Connor: Vinnie played mandolin and low whistle on singer-songwriter Sinead O'Connor's DVD and CD set Theology - Live at the Sugar Club, a recording of a live concert performance in The Sugar Club, Dublin on November 8, 2006.

Ita Moloney

Ita Moloney

Communications Director

Ita Moloney brings a wealth of project co-ordination experience from her busy and varied career which spans Ireland, the USA and Africa.

Ita has a strong background in medicine and healthcare, having originally trained and practised as a Pediatric and General Nurse (in Ireland and the USA), before moving to a management position with KCI medical, an innovative, global, US-based provider of innovative wound healing technologies, where she was responsible for sales, training and the introduction of the VAC system to Ireland.

Whilst living in San Francisco, she was offered a rare opportunity to travel and work in Zimbabwe, where she spent several months co-ordinating a wildlife conservation project, committed to safeguarding elephant stocks in the Gonarezhou National Park. In addition, she organized and maintained a log of animal stocks for endangered species such as kudu and sable antelope, managed a large-scale feeding project during the bad droughts of the early 1990s and held overall responsibility for the administration of the business across three locations in Zimbabwe.

Born into a musical family of four generations, Ita has a lifelong passion for music so it was probably just a matter of time before she decided to apply her professional medical background and business acumen to the world of music. Her expertise, along with her ability to engage with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, bring a unique perspective and fresh insight to the Parakeet team.

Ita says "As a qualified nurse, I have experienced first-hand the healing powers of music in people of all ages from infancy, childhood and adolescence to senior years. Music and the ability to play a musical instrument are proven to lift the spirit and lighten one's mood significantly. Parakeet is so uplifting, colourful and energetic and yet so simple, I feel really privileged to be part of this team."

Leah Bernini

Leah O'Brien Bernini

PhD Ethnomusicologist

Ethnomusicologist, Irish traditional fiddle player, violin/fiddle teacher, consultant, published author, previous assistant to Graphic Design, PR/Promotions Efforts/ Tour Efforts at indie label Compass Records. Live stage and studio fiddle/violin work, academic research.

Currently pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick (Ireland) and consulting. Dissertation concentration: Identity, Capitalism and the Creative Process of Irish Traditional Musicians in the Music Industry.

Completed a MA in Ethnomusicology in September 2011 with first class honours. Completed a MA in Irish Traditional Music Performance, September 2010. Graduated BM Commercial Music Performance and Music Business from Belmont University, 2009. Head of PR and then Secretary for large, active on-campus Sub Aqua club, 2009-2012. Currently pursuing first Suzuki Method Violin Teaching qualification.

Exceptional eye for detail, innovative with a creative flair, determined to maximize quality in fast-paced environments. Relationship-oriented, self-motivated. Acknowledged for organization, leadership, and intent dedication in deadline-critical projects as well as delivering on-time, high-quality work. Maintains honors with extensive extracurricular activities and work.

Specialties: Ethnographic research (fieldwork); music education system consultation; academic, creative, and journalistic writing; fiddle performance; fiddle and violin teaching. Programs: Adobe Creative Suite, Logic, ProTools, Final Cut Pro.

Gerry Leonard

Gerry Leonard


Gerry Leonard is a Dublin born guitar player, songwriter and producer now based in New York city.As part of the New York scene Gerry's distinctive ambient style has led to his working with many great artists over the years.

A highlight was becoming music director / guitar player for David Bowie on his last year long "Reality" world tour and DVD (2003/2004). Apart from Bowie's last two records, "Heathen" and "Reality" and the subsequent tours, he is also featured on the brand new David Bowie record titled "The Next Day" and has two co writes with David on the album, "Boss of me" and "i'll take you there". "The Next Day" is due out on March 12 2013.

Leonard is currently touring and recording with Suzanne vega. The current show is a duo show featuring the sublime vocals of Ms Vega and some more "spookyghost" style arrangements of her songs. Highlights include a stripped down version of "Blood makes Noise" and "Tom's Diner". The shows have been receiving standing ovations on the current US tour. Gerry is also involved with the writing and recording of a new album for Suzanne due out later in 2013.

Further credits include recording, touring and being music director for artists such as Rufus Wainwright ("Want One" / "Want Two" / "Release the stars"), Laurie Anderson ("Bright red"), Duncan Sheik ("Humming" / "Phantom Moon" / "Daylight" / "White Limousine" / "Whisperhouse"), Roger Waters ("The Last Mimsey Soundtrack").

When not touring or recording with these international artists, Gerry heads up his own project, Spooky Ghost. Under the name Spooky Ghost, Gerry has recorded two solo albums. The first recording simply called "Spooky Ghost" was primarily an ambient guitar record, made in his New York apartment in 1998. His second, "The Light Machine" (2002) has been described by David Bowie as "Quite the most beautiful and moving pieces of work I have possessed in a long time."

As a producer he has recently completed the new record for up and coming artist Ari Hest. The album "Fireplays" was recently released in Oct 2012 and is receiving great praise and reviews. Other productions include platinum artist Donna Lewis,"In The Pink" released in May 2009, emerging artist Donnie Mortimer "Ten Eventful Years" released september 2010, and the record produced for the Czech band Czechomor titled "Mistecko" went gold in May 2011.

In film soundtracks his guitar playing is featured in "The Deep End" and "Bee Season" both scored by Peter Nashell and released on Fox Searchlight Pictures. He is featured on the Roger Waters end title song "Hello" written for "the Last Mimsy" on New Line Cinema. He has also completed his first original score for an independent movie called "32A" released to festivals in 2008.

Denis Carey

Denis Carey


Denis Carey from Newport, Co Tipperary is a musician, composer and arranger. He has performed and recorded with many well known artists nationally and internationally. His compositions have been performed and recorded by a wide variety of musicians including Symphony Nova Scotia in Canada, where he has played on many occasions and by the Scottish National orchestra.

Denis has received many commissions in recent years, most notable "An Turas" suite for North Tipperary Co Council, "The Charter Suite" for the Limerick 800 Celebrations and the music for the show "Style" commissioned by Shannon Heritage, Bunratty folk park. Denis co-wrote the music for the soundtrack of the Canadian movie "The Divine Ryans".

Distilled Software

Distilled Software

Software Engineers

Darragh Kirwan
Mobile Software Developer
June 2012 - September 2013 (1 year 4 months)San Francisco Bay Area

Develop and deploy iOS applications using Xcode.

Employ agile software methodologies to ensure rapid iterations and incremental improvements.

Test all builds thoroughly, report and fix any bugs found.

Present all changes to the rest of the team and participate in code reviews.

Constantly improve existing designs, with a focus on improving user experience.

Use 'GitHub' for version control and 'do.com' to commit designs and ensure deadlines are met.

Manage localization to target strategic markets using analytics.

MetaCert iPad Browser | Safe iPad Browser with Parental Controls

Our team of four designed and implemented a musical note generator using the 8051 micro-processor.

I implemented assembly language to use a look-up table of frequencies and their corresponding notes to generate musical notes. The musical note was varied using a potentiometer.

Colm Hally
Our team of four designed and implemented a musical note generator using the 8051 micro-processor.

I implemented assembly language to use a look-up table of frequencies and their corresponding notes to generate musical notes. The musical note was varied using a potentiometer.

8051 Touch-Sensitive Piano Keyboard

October 2011 - December 2012
Tasked with creating a musical instrument powered by an 8051-type micro-controller, we designed a keyboard that used light-dependent resistors to detect individual touches and software that could produce different output notes for different combinations of keyboard presses.

September 2012 - May 2013
DreamSpeech was an Android application for the visually-impaired which connected to a Linux-powered TV set-top-box (a 'Dreambox') and allowed the user to browse the TV guide via an intuitive gestural and voice interface. Descriptions of each TV show in the guide would be read out via a text-to-speech processor and a single tap would switch the TV's current channel to the selected channel.

Morse Code Laser Encoder/Decoder
January 2012 - March 2012
A small device that allows a user to transmit text in a full 36 character alphabet, plus extra punctuation, encoded in Morse Code-style pulses of laser light. The device can detect and decode these Morse Code pulses, and for the purposes of demonstration, transmitted and received data simultaneously, without fault.

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